First of all, you need to fill out the Evaluation Form by clicking on our FREE ASSESSMENT link. Make sure you fill out every single field properly and honestly so we can evaluate your case genuinely. If necessary, we will ask you to send your Updated Resume for further evaluation.

After SUCCESSFUL qualification, the table below will show what comes next.

Initial Stage

First few and easy steps to your Success
Who To Do Description
GM will send you an Agreement Form via email. Agreement Form - to put into writing that you have agreed to use GM & Associates services, etc.
You fill out and sign Agreement Form and send back to GM. You have officially agreed to use GM & Associates services, etc.
GM will send you all the necessary Application Forms along with the list of documents and inform you of the Initial Fees to be paid. Application Forms, such as IMM0008, Schedule 1, Schedule 3, etc. Our Fees are broken down into the different stages of Application. We will inform you of different methods to send us your payment.
You Fill out all the Application Forms, both you and your spouse, and sign it. At the same time, prepare all the documents required to complete your application. Pay Initial Fees. Submit Application Forms and documents to our mailing address via courier.
GM will double check all the information and documents you have submitted. After careful checking and if all the necessary fields have been filled out, we will send your complete application to the Canadian Immigration Office. The First Stage is Over.
As soon as we get an acknowledgment from the Immigration Office, the rest of the processing resumes.