Federal Skilled Worker Class Immigrant
Fees Description Cdn $ Remarks
Government Fees 550.00 per adult (22 years old and above)
Government Fees 150.00 per child (below 22 years old)
Landing Fees 490.00 per adult (22 years old and above)
Business Class Immigrant
Fees Description Cdn $ Remarks
Processing Fee 1050.00 for Principal Applicant
Processing Fee 550.00 per accompanying adult (21 years and over)
Processing Fee 150.00 per accompanying child (under 21 years old)
Landing Fee 490.00 per adult (22 years and over)
Temporary Resident Visa
Fees Description Cdn $ Remarks
Single Entry 75.00 per person
Multiple Entry 150.00 per person
Study Permit 125.00 per person
GM Consulting Fees
Our fees are reasonably competitive and are assessed based on complexity of the clients case and services provided. We will explain our fees and payment schedule and methods before a client is asked to sign a contract and Retainer agreement.

Our charges are fair and reasonable and in tune with market demand. We charge on the basis of what the market is charging for similar services and have structured our fees accordingly.